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Find Boston MA Homeless Shelters, Emergency Housing and Transitional Housing

Homelessness In America is a free Boston MA directory. We do not ever charge a fee for our service to anyone, anywhere, period. Please find our current list of Boston MA homeless shelters, women's and men's shelters, Boston MA soup kitchens, Boston MA low income housing and numerous other resources. There currently a lot of support centers in Boston MA that are short of donations, supplies, and especially volunteers.

How to Contact Your Boston MA Homeless Shelter or Support Center

  • Call ahead first, before you visit. Use the contact information we have provided.
  • Get your pen, pencil, or computer ready to take notes.
  • Make a note of the name of the person you contact, use it and remember it.
  • Be polite, the people on the other end could be your neighbors and they are simply volunteering their time.
  • Remember, the person you contact is likely to be underpaid for their work, if they are paid at all.
  • Many Boston MA nonprofit organizations or government offices are overwhelmed and in need both donations and volunteers.
  • Many homeless shelters and other shelters are full and have a long waiting list.
  • If the organization you contact has a waiting list be sure to ask how to get on their list.
  • If the center is unable to help you at this time, ask who else can help.
  • Let the person you contact know you found out about them through this free resource, Homelessness In America.

If you know of a Boston MA homeless shelter, low income housing, soup kitchen or other resource missing from our directory please click here to let us know. Again, our directory and service is free. We do not accept donations or take money from homeless shelters or any of the other organizations we list in our directory. If you would like to support us, simply link to our web site, bookmark our site, or tell someone about our free service. Our email is support@homelessnessinamerica.com. Thank you!

Boston Family Shelter 656 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: 617-267-8081

Boston Night Center - JFK Station 31 Bowker Street Boston, MA 02111 Phone Number: 617 248 1998

Cardinal Medeiros Center 25 Isabella Street Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: (617) 619-6960

Casa Myrna Vazquez Domestic Violence Support PO Box 180019 Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: 617-521-0100

Chardon Street Shelter for Women and Children 41 New Chardon Street Boston, MA 02114 Phone Number: 617-720-3611

Crittenton Women's Union 1 Washington Mall Boston, MA 02108 Phone Number: 617.259.2900

Elizabeth Stone House - Battered Women's Emergency Shelter 99 Pond Circle Boston, MA 02130 Phone Number: 617-427-9801

Families In Transition 316 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 Phone Number: 617 927 8290

Harbor Light Salvation Army Shelter 407 Shawmut Avenue Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: 617 536 7469

Huntington House - Boston YMCA Housing 316 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 Phone Number: 617 536 7800

Kingston House - Boston Rescue Mission 39 Kingston Street Boston, MA 02112 Phone Number: 617-482-9074

Long Island Shelter - Boston Public Health Commission 1010 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 02218 617-534-2526

Mass Bay Chapter American Red Cross 285 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA 02116 Phone Number: 1 800 564 1234

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership 569 Columbus Avenue Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: 617 859 0400

New England Center for Homeless Veterans 17 Court Street Boston, MA 02108 617-371-1800

Pine Street Inn

Queen of Peace Family Shelter 401 Quincy Street Boston, MA 02125 Phone Number: 617 288 4182

Sancta Maria House For Women 11 Waltham Street Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: 617-423-4366

St. Francis House Day Center 39 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02112 Phone Number: 617 542 4211

The Women's Inn at Pine Street 363 Albany Street Boston, MA 02118 Phone Number: 617-482-4944

The Women's Lunch Place 67 Newbury Street Boston, MA, 02116 617-267 1722

Travelers Aid Family Services Emergency Shelter 727 Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA 02111 Phone Number: 617-542-7286

Woods Mullen Shelter and Services 784 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, MA 02118 617-534-7100

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