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News About Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Affordable Housing

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Free Cell Phones For California's Homeless And Low-Income People
The California Public Utilities Commission will approve a new program that will give free cell phones to the homeless, as well as low-income individuals. The beneficiaries of the plan will receive every month 250 minutes of time, plus 250 text messages at no charge

Funding Needed For Ohio Homeless Shelter
The Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter is raising money for a new shelter for the homeless and hungry and homeless in their community. All donations will be used to acquire a home for the shelter

Funds For Affordable Housing Has Been Approved For Downtown Columbia
The Downtown Columbia Housing Foundation will be developing low-income housing with real estate developers for the fiscal year 2014. They are going to be responsible for administering the funds for the downtown area where the housing will be built.

Good Nutrition and The Homeless Population
Homeless people find it difficult to find free nutritional foods at homeless shelters and food banks. Since most of the food is donated, shelters are grateful for what they receive. And they receive mostly foods that have a longer shelf life, such as cookies and not fresh fruit and vegetables

Governor's Proposed Budget Cuts Affect Food Banks
The governor of New York is proposing new budget cuts that could affect many people in Genesee County that rely on food programs that are free. Local food banks have said that food bank usage has gone up in the last year

Grand Island Shelter Experiencing Record Number of Homeless Children
Right now there are 35 kids staying at the Hope Harbor shelter. That number is the biggest child population the shelter as ever seen in their history

Great Depression - Was it Caused by Soup Kitchens?
There is a discussion by Paul Krugman about welfare benefits and the Great Depression. Does this relate to today's economy? Or is it much ado about nothing?

Growing Problem For The Homeless Population In Anchorage Is Mental Illness And Alcoholism
Experts on homelessness state it is very difficult to treat the homeless who suffer from alcoholism and mental illness. They say this homeless group will typically have some level of brain damage from long-term alcoholism

Habitat For Humanity Brings Affordable Housing To America
Here is an interesting video about how Habitat for Humanity helps Americans attain home ownership. Mr. Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat For Humanity International, is interviewed on Bloomberg television

Habitat Will Help Low-income Veterans
Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity has programs and services for low-income veterans that will help them with home ownership and home repairs. Habitat will help families who aren't eligible for conventional mortgages

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