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Homeless Kids Living On The Highway To Disney World
According to the U.S. Department of Education, at least 2,000 children live in the hotels of Central Florida, and that's not counting the untold numbers who are too young to go to school, or who have dropped out, or who have otherwise escaped notice, as many undoubtedly have.

Homeless Men Receive Free Haircuts
The Hair Masters salon in Holland, Michigan, is giving complimentary hair cuts to men who are staying at the Holland Rescue Mission. The employees plan to return every few months to offer their services

Homeless Population In South Dakota Decreases
A new report learned that homelessness decreased by twenty five percent last year. Most homeless individuals and families were found to be living in motels, emergency shelters or transitional housing

Homeless Population Increases In New Hampshire
Homeless numbers increased by 6% compared to last year. An additional 2,576 individuals were homeless in New Hampshire. The Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services recently announced these results

Homeless Program Has Ended In Lincoln
Almost 1,060 people in Lincoln have been helped by a 3 year federal program that provided $1.4 million in stimulus money. More than 90 percent of people who were helped are still in their homes after the program had ended six months ago.

Homeless Shelter Has Terminated Their Stay Limits and Fees
After debating the issue, the Hudson River Housing of Poughkeepsie, New York said they were cancelling the limits and fees for their emergency shelter. They have a new program that will program help the homeless work towards independence, as well as permanent housing

Homeless Shelters Are Filling Up In Springfield, MO
Freezing temperatures have filled up shelters across the region. The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter only opens when the wind chill is 14 degrees or below, so at this point it has not opened during the current cold spell. The community is in need for more shelters.

Homeless Shelters Filled With Homeless Children
The Coalition for the Homeless has a new study that reported there are almost 20,000 children in New York City who are homeless. Last year they reported the number was 16,000

Homeless Shelters For Families Are Full In Vermont
Because the shelters are full, the homeless families are now living in motels. Last fiscal year the program spent more over $2.2 million to place the families in motels, an increase of 55% over the previous fiscal year

Homeless shelters Get Prepared In Case Of A Tuberculosis Outbreak
Grand Forks County has reported eight confirmed cases of T-B. All of the cases are in the area's homeless population. Homeless shelters have said minimizing the spread of this disease can often be very difficult, so they are required to have all precautions ready as soon as possible

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