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Homeless Shelters In NYC Are Crowded
Over 50,000 homeless individuals sleep in New York City's shelters every night and that number includes nearly 21,000 children. These numbers are far higher than 2002's numbers, and higher than reported numbers in the 1980s.

Homeless Shelters In Oregon Are Full
Cold weather has hit most of Oregon and this has made most of the homeless shelters filled to capacity. Once shelter, The Father's Heart Street Ministry expects to be open many more nights compared to last year

Homeless Shelters In Sonoma County Are Full
The emergency shelters have filled up this week because of sub-freezing overnight temperatures. Warmer weather is expected in the next couple of nights

Homeless Shelters Need Volunteers
King's Harvest In Davenport, Iowa will open their overflow homeless shelter on December 1st. The shelter will serve 50 to 60 individuals every night. Volunteers are needed now so they can open their doors on time

Homeless Shelters Open For Winter In San Francisco
These following shelters will offer staggered services this winter: St. Mark's Lutheran Church at 1031 Franklin St., St. Mary's Cathedral at 1111 Gough St., St. Boniface at 133 Golden Gate Ave., and First Unitarian Church at 1187 Franklin Street

Homeless Shelters Receive Cots From Nashville's Red Cross
About 120 cots were donated to two homeless shelters in Nashville. The Nashville Rescue Mission received 100 and the Room in the Inn shelter received 20. The cots are needed as winter temperatures continue to get colder

Homeless Shelters To Receive Gift Of Footwear
The University of Connecticut Health Center is having their foot care providers help the homeless this Thanksgiving season by providing free food exams. They will also give out proper fitting footwear at various homeless shelters throughout the country

Homeless Struggle With Mental Illness
A study done in 2010 by the Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research reported that about half of the homeless population is afflicted with chronic mental illness. Public health studies have proven when mentally ill homeless are put into housing, it will not only improve their health, but also lower health care costs

Homeless Student Population In Oregon Tops 20,000 Again
The good news is the homeless student population has not increased but the bad news is the number is still over 20,000. Homeless student numbers had steadily increased over the last ten years and last year the number reached 20,545

Homeless Veterans Are Being Served A Free Thanksgiving Meal On The Battleship New Jersey
Camden County, New Jersey homeless veterans will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving on the battleship. For the very first time, the Battleship New Jersey is going to serve a free turkey dinner to the vets and it will be served chow-line style in the galley

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