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Houston Plans 1,000 Housing Units For The Homeless
The city's homeless and people with low incomes are going to have access to the one thousand permanent housing units and the supportive services that will accompany them in the next couple of years. Housing may be ready in early February of next year

How Does One Soup Kitchen Make 3000 Meals A Day?
One charity kosher soup kitchen in Brooklyn, NY has gone from 500 meals per day to 3000. They now provide meals for up to 500 seniors on a daily basis. This has provided much needed meals for low-income people.

How Innovative Device Helps The Homeless
A new device called the 'Personal Appointment Ticketing' (Pat) is a service that helps homeless people keep track of appointments, such as doctor appointments or social services appointments. The device consists of a wristband that contains important information that the homeless need to remember

How Well Are The Government's Homeless Funds Handled?
The federal government allocates about $1.5 billion every year to address homelessness throughout the United States. The funding is given to the Continuum of Care. But the funds are not always given to communities with that have a serious homelessness situation

HUD Awards $26 Million For Senior Affordable Housing
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the grants to the owners of eleven multi-family housing units. A portion of the apartments will be converted into assisted living or service-enriched housing units

HUD Reports Low-Income People Still Stuggling With Housing Costs
Since 2007 there has been 43.5% increase in households seeking low-income housing. Competition is already fierce for available affordable units. The increased demand is in part due to lower homeownership rates

Hurricane Sandy Victims Receive Good News From The IRS
Waivers will be given so the victims can apply for low housing tax credit, even if they did not qualify as low-income before the hurricane. With so many people homeless now this is assistance that is welcomed by many.

Indiana's Poultry Farms Make Big Donation To Food Pantries
Some of the state's largest poultry producers have given more than 200,000 pounds of poultry to food pantries in the state for the holiday season this year. Poultry producers in Indiana have donated food for 65 consecutive years to local communities

Invisible Homelessness in Colorado
Many homeless people are not living on the streets but are living with family members. They often have to move from one family member's house to another

Is Hunger Out Of Control In The United States?
Sadly, for many people in this country, hunger is part of their everyday life. Many families today have to make choices about buying food or paying other bills. Food pantry usage is at an all time high

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