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News About Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Affordable Housing

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New Study About Homeless Veterans Looks At Demographics
Many of the homeless veterans who were 20 - 25 years old were found to be suffering from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. More homeless female veterans were found to have the disorder compared to males. The study was done by Yale University

New Thrift Store In Candenton Will Help The Homeless
The Helping Hands Homeless Shelter operates the thrift store to help the homeless in their community. There are bargains on everyday things like books, shoes, clothing, furniture and a lot more. All of the thrift store's proceeds will be sued to benefit the Helping Hands Homeless Shelter.

New York City Lost Homeless Shelter Legal Battle
In 2011, the city had approved a new application process, that required homeless people to prove that had no place to stay when they were trying to stay at a homeless shelter. The state appeals court has now rejected New York's new eligibility homeless shelter requirements

New York Mets Are Holding A Food Drive
On Wednesday, November 14, at Citi Field, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. the food drive will be held to help New Yorkers in need. Fans that donate ten items or more of nonperishable food will receive a voucher that will be redeemable for one pair of tickets to a Mets game in the month of April in 2013.

New York's Homeless Population Has Increased by 40,000
Hurricane Sandy has left many homeless in the state. Public housing is at a shortage and this has really compounded the problem. The governor has started a task force to address the problem.

No Electrictiy For Many EBT (Food Stamp) Users
Countless of New York City residents who rely on their EBT card (SNAP - food stamps) to provide food for their families are unable to do so because electricity is needed to use the card. Many stores can only accept cash now because of the outage.

North Carolina County Has Plan For Photo IDs To Put On EBT Cards
Gaston County wants to put the photo ID's on EBT (food stamps) cards to eliminate potential fraud. The goal is to stop food stamp card recipients from selling their cards for cash, and then buying other products that aren't covered by the program

North Dakota Homeless Shelters Are At Full Capacity
The director of the Coalition for Homeless People, Michael Carbone, said that full capacity was about 800 people. Approximately, one thousand individuals still needed shelter. He believes there are even more people who neede shelter but they did not get identified in the count

North Dakota Housing Agency Needs $4.4 million For Affordable Housing Projects
North Dakota's Housing Finance Agency wants to raise almost four and half million dollars before the end of the year to fully fund the Housing Incentive Fund. This program supports projects for affordable rental housing

North Dakota Low-Income Housing Fund Contributions Have Been Met
The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency reported the fund will be used to build affordable housing in the booming oil patch part of the state. They stated that over 600 private investors helped to capitalize the $15 million housing incentive fund

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