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U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Gives Indianapolis A $39M Loan Guarantee
HUD approved the $39 million loan guarantee to create a Community and Economic Development Loan Pool. The Department of Metropolitan Development can now originate loans that will provide financing for housing rehabilitation and economic development to benefit people that have low to moderate incomes

United Way Gives $50,000 To Wisconsin Homeless Shelters
The United Way stated it is giving $50,000 so two homeless shelters in the Milwaukee area can open their overflow centers because of the very cold weather. The funds are needed because all shelters are full right now

United Way Uses Grant Money For Food Pantries
The Ripley County Community Foundation granted $2,250 to five local food pantries with funds received from Main Source Bank and United Way contributions during the holidays

Use Your Coupons When Buying For Food Banks
This is a great way to save money or double your contribution to your local soup kitchen, food bank or food pantry. Many stores have their own coupons now and some will even let you double them

Veterans First Help Orange County Homeless Veterans
Last year over 1,300 veterans walked through the doors looking for help. Many are struggling with substance abuse problems. This the organization is planing to build an emergency shelter in Anaheim, California

Veterans Housing Gets $1.4 million Grant
In Mobile County, Alabama - Homeless veterans will have new training, counseling and housing options in early 2014. The federal grant will be administered by the County's commission.

Village For Homeless Individuals May Open In Eugene, Oregon
The city owns a site they are considering letting homeless people use for shelter this winter. The Eugene Mission is the city's largest homeless shelter but it doesn't have enough beds for the current number of homeless people in the city.

Virginia Governor Says Homeless Rate Has Declined
Governor Bob McDonnell stated the homelessness rate in Virginia has dropped by 8% since 2010. He also went on to say that the homeless rate for families had dropped by 11% percent. The rapid re-housing program is credited for the decline

Washington D.C Mayor Proposes New Homeless Amendments
The mayor is in disagreement with the Department of Human Services (DHS) over the proposed amendments to the Homeless Services Reform Act. The mayor wants more funds for the rapid rehousing of homeless families.

Washington D.C. Homeless Shelters Busier In 2012
The District of Columbia homeless population increased by 6% last year. There were 6,954 individuals who experienced homelessness in the nation's capitol

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