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Development Fund To Help Rebuild After Storm
Morgan Stanley and National Equity Fund, Inc. (non-profit organization) recently said they are going to add $75 million to a fund that is for tax credit-eligible affordable housing reconstruction to assist in the rebuilding of homes for low-income victims of the storms in New York, New Jersey, and other areas affected by Hurricane Sandy

Did Mayor Bloomberg Ban Homeless Shelter Food Donations?
The ban was not caused by food contamination, but because NYC authorities are unable to assess quantities of fat, salt, and fiber in the donated food. The city wants to be sure hungry people are getting the proper levels of nutrition and not too much fat etc.

Did You Know That Rhode Island Has A Homeless Bill of Rights?
It is America's first Homeless Bill of Rights and was past this last summer. The new law states that employers and landlords are prohibited from discriminating against homeless persons when they apply for a job or an apartment. It also affirms their rights to be in public areas like libraries and parks.

Difficult To Get An Accurate Count On Homelessness in America
Accurate numbers of homelessness in America are not easy to obtain. It has been estimated that nearly 1.6 million people in the country have used emergency shelters or transitional housing in the last year. What is known is homelessness has increased over the last couple of decades

Dire Need For Affordable Housing In San Francisco's Mission District
Residents will be voting on Proposition C - the Housing Trust Fund which would create a funding stream for more affordable housing. If approved it would be the city's first affordable housing fund that is locally funded.

Director of Homeless Shelter Is Facing Food Stamp Charges
Pastor and director of Transformation House, Manuelus Reacco faces five counts of food stamp fraud along with his wife. Apparently, he was using resident's cards to buy food for the house.

Disaster Expert Has Been Hired To Help New York's Homeless
Brad Gair, a former Federal Emergency Management Agency recovery officer has started mapping a comprehensive housing recovery plan for the city's homeless who have lost their homes because of Hurricane Sandy. He helped the city during the 911 crisis.

Do Soup Kitchens Bring More Homeless Into The Community?
Costa Mesa, CA, Mayor Eric Bever, believes so. He has asked city administrators to look into enforcing the city's nuisance ordinance regarding two charities to put them out of business. He thinks soup kitchens attract the homeless which in turn cause problems for the city.

Downtown Chattanooga Needs More Affordable Housing
The new Gen-X housing trends are for smaller homes which are more affordable. The board recommended many different housing types other than the traditional types for the city in Tennessee

Drought Decreases Government Supplies For Food Banks
The United States has been experiencing the worst drought in fifty years which has driven up the cost of food. The bad economy has made more people seek help at food banks and also decreased donations from the private sector

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