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News About Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Affordable Housing

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Erie County Homelessness Rose Last Year
The Department of Social Services reported nearly 2,198 individuals stayed in emergency homeless shelters in 2012, and that's an increase of around14% compared to 2011. Families with children were about a third of the population, and were the fastest growing segment.

Eugene, Oregon Has Thousands Of Teens Who Are Classified As Homeless
The New Roads program is just for young people. They are trying to reach out to youths ages 11-17 and help them with whatever issues they are struggling with

Evicted Durham Tenants Receive Help
Housing for New Hope will step in and help twenty families who are being evicted. The the nonprofit group for homelessness prevention and support has announced it is going to assist in relocating the Lincoln Apartment tenants

Farmer's Market in San Francisco Says CalFresh EBT Usage Quadrupled In 2012
The Market Match program, which was started by the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association (PCFMA) in 2008, offers EBT users to purchase food at farmers' markets. When EBT users buy $10 or more they get an additional $5 to spend on vegetables and fruits.

Farmington Ranks Well For Adding More Affordable Housing Units
This Minnesota city add 87 low-income units last year. There is goal is to have 33% of their housing inventory be classified as affordable housing

February Is National Canned Food Month
Food banks across the nation need canned food donations all year long. Shannon Traeger, a Feeding America spokesperson, stated there were more than 50 million Americans, who are food insecure and rely on food banks every month

Federal Grants For Housing
HUD awarded a total of $96 million in Sustainable Communities Grants last year. The ultimate goal is to help regional areas improve their economic competitiveness by linking housing with quality schools, good jobs and transportation, although some critics make the claim that there are just too many stipulations tied to the federal program.

Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Awards $13.6 Million For Affordable Housing Projects
The bank awarded funds to ten states to build forty-three affordable housing projects. The state of Georgia will receive $787,000 for their affordable housing projects

Federal Tax Credits For Low Income Housing For Grand Rapids
Not for profit agencies in Grand Rapids state low-income housing tax credits make it possible for producing affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. In fact, these tax credits have worked better than any other type of government subsidized programs

Feeding South Florida Food Bank Struggles To Meet Demand
The Feeding South Florida distributes food to organizations that help nearly 1 million people who are experiencing food insecurity. Yet it could not fulfill all of the needs of food items. They have a need for more volunteers now

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