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Homelessness In America is a free Buffalo directory. We hope you find our list of soup kitchens, food banks and food pantries helpful. If you can help, there are currently a tremendous number of nonprofits in Buffalo in need of donations, supplies, and especially volunteers.

How to Contact Your Buffalo Homeless Shelter or Support Center

  • Call ahead first, before you visit. Use the contact information we have provided.
  • Get your pen, pencil, or computer ready to take notes.
  • Make a note of the name of the person you contact, use it and remember it.
  • Be polite, the people on the other end could be your neighbors and they are simply volunteering their time.
  • Remember, the person you contact is likely to be underpaid for their work, if they are paid at all.
  • Many Buffalo nonprofit organizations or government offices are overwhelmed and in need both donations and volunteers.
  • Many homeless shelters and other shelters are full and have a long waiting list.
  • If the organization you contact has a waiting list be sure to ask how to get on their list.
  • If the center is unable to help you at this time, ask who else can help.
  • Let the person you contact know you found out about them through this free resource, Homelessness In America.

1. Heart 2 Heart Outreach Ministries in Buffalo, MO 12304 12th Avenue North Buffalo, MO 65622 417-345-6200 6767 S. Foster Street 68840 Jewel Lake Road 91220 E Street 73400 E. Melvin St. 1060036 Pima Rd. 102963 Airport Road 339637 E 13th St 54733 Mission Street 2845 23rd Avenue East 6791 Brown Bridge Rd 42390 W. Broad St. 6618 W. Anderson St. 4406 Roswell St. 1

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