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New Mexico Association Of Food Banks

Provides fresh produce and other food for people in need.

New Mexico Association Of Food Banks

5840 Office Blvd Ne
Albuquerque, NM 87109

The New Mexico Association of Food Banks was formed in 2000 to support the member food banks around the state and administer state-wide programs and contracts.  Our mission is to enhance the capacity of New Mexico’s food banks in order to build a well-nourished New Mexico.

0201 Woodvale Road 9931-2 S. Stapley Drive 6543 E. Osborn Rd. 8512 East Calhoun Street 6278 Sandy Beach Road 591317 SW 150th Street 5223 Fairfield Avenue 6437 West 9th Street 8272 Main St 1127 Payne Avenue (Route 1) 12308 E River Rd 510 Hammond Street 24925 S. Reserve Rd. 32177 Erickson Rd. 720435 Ryan Rd. 13416 E. 2nd St. 105919 Antire Rd 12457 Drummond Ave. 2645 Baylor Dr SE 12805 Doral Court

From: Albuquerque NM
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2011
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