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We are constantly adding the most helpful information and resources about homelessness we can find across the entire web. We will be bringing it all together for you including the best articles and books, organizations and government websites.

If you are an author and would like to contribute with helpful information we would love to post your original article with a link to a relevant website of your choosing as long as it would be of benefit to anyone who is low income or homeless.

If you know of any helpful resource, homeless shelter, food bank, affordable apartment, or resource we have not yet listed please click here to let us know so we can add it. We do not accept money from homeless shelters or any of the other organizations we list for you. Please help support our mission to list every shelter and resource for the homeless and near homeless in America by linking to our web site or book marking our site. Our email is support@homelessnessinamerica.com We appreciate your support, thank you.

We hope you find this information useful.

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A few Statistics Concerning Hunger In the United States
The latest statistics on Hunger in the United States show that the number is has been increasing since 2008. Information about hunger and poverty in the United States.

A Special Report About Homeless Veterans
Understand the facts behind Homeless Veterans in the United States. A growing number of veterans are having difficulties financially in the United States, particularly veterans who have disabilities.

America's Poverty Statistics
Historical American poverty statistics and other poverty facts. Get the latest data on poverty in the U.S.

Child Poverty In America
How many children in America live in poverty and who are they? Find the answers in this article. Learn about the causes of poverty and some of the challenges that poor children face on a daily basis.

Different Things You Can Do To Provide Food For The Homeless
Local food pantries and soup kitchens are always needing food for those in need. There are many different ways you can provide food for the homeless. This article explains some new ways for you to help.

Factors Behind Poverty In the United States and Throughout The World
Find out about a few of the reasons for poverty in the United States, as well as in other nations throughout the world. Poverty rates have gone up in the last ten years.

Feeding The Homeless Population In the United States
Helpful guidelines and valuable information for assisting those looking for meals and shelter. Learn what you are able to do to in helping to feed the hungry in your area.

Homeless Shelters In America
Find information about homeless shelters. Get the details on how most shelters operate and what type of facilities they have to offer their residents.

How Poverty Affects Children
Children who live in poverty face many problems in America. More children live in single parent families today, than in any other time. Get the facts about what these children face on a daily basis.

Learning About Poverty in the United States
Understanding Poverty in the United States and how it is defined. Information regarding generational and situational poverty. Learn helpful ways to assist the homeless in the United States.

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