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News About Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Affordable Housing

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Is There A Low-income Housing Shortage In The U.S.?
A new report found that in 2009, there were only about 5.4 million low-income housing units but approximately 11 million renters with low incomes. In fact, higher-income renters had rented about 2.3 million of these low-income units, which left about nine million of the poorest households left out of this rental market

It's Going To Be An EBT Thanksgiving This Year
Because EBT (food stamp) cards usage is at an all time high and that food costs have risen dramatically, more people this year will be using their food benefits to buy food for Thanksgiving dinner. Over forty-seven million Americans have EBT cards

It's Turkey Time For Food Banks
Giant Food, on Tuesday, delivered one thousand frozen turkeys to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. The turkeys will be distributed to soup kitchens, food pantries and other agencies located in the Shenandoah Valley

Jersey City Sikh Community Will Feed Homeless On December 1st
More than 2,000 meals will be prepared on December 1, 2012, for homeless people in the area. Snacks and fruits will also be available. Volunteers are needed and welcomed

Judge Rules In Favor Of The City and Affordable Housing Project
A Colorado district court judge ruled in favor for Aspen and for a developer in a lawsuit that was filed by neighbors who did not want the Boomerang low-income housing project built.

Kobe Bryant Helps Raise Awareness About Homelessness In Los Angeles
Recently, a new channel TakePart TV that was created by Participant Media , has joined with Kobe Bryant, NBA superstar, to produce a video web series that will focus on homelessness in Los Angeles, California. The video web series will have five parts and can be watched on YouTube

Kroger's Atlanta Division Holiday Food Drive Raises $478,000
From November 18th through December 24th of last year, Kroger grocery stores sold icons that had a value of $1, $3, or $5 to their customers. The money raised from these store sales will be given to For Feeding America Food Banks

Lack Of Affordable Rental Housing In Connecticut
A new report by Partnership, an advocacy group for Hartford affordable-housing, stated there is a need for more low-income housing for renters in Connecticut. Renters are now facing rising costs

Las Vegas Homeless Population Seek Shelter As Weather Gets Colder
More than 9,000 homeless individuals in Clark County, on any given night seek for a place to sleep at a homeless shelter. The homeless shelters in Las Vegas are already near maximum capacity and this is before winter has begun

Lincoln County In Oregon Has Received $22,348 For Shelter And Emergency Food Programs
The federal funds are given to high-need areas throughout the United States. A local board will decide how the funds are to be dispersed in the county

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