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News About Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Affordable Housing

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New Film About Homelessness In America
The film will be shown at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Washington, D.C., on July 22nd. This year, the conference will be offering workshops youth, advocacy, veterans' homelessness, and rapid re-housing.

New Home Buyer Programs Available For More Families
The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation had made changes to its down payment assistance programs. The changes will help more low-income families and give them more options for buying a home.

New Housing For Homeless Veterans In San Francisco
The Veterans Commons was recently opened to provide permanent housing for disabled veterans. Many of the veterans have substance abuse problems. There are seventy-five single units

New Housing Report From The Department of Housing and Urban Development
The report called "In Housing Policy at a Crossroads" takes a look at the government's housing program over the last seventy-five years. It basically concludes that citizens who need low-income housing are best served by housing vouchers

New Jersey And Pennsylvania Deer Hunters Help Feed The Hungry
Hunters this are donating venison to food banks who will share the meat with about 4,000 soup kitchens, shelters and food pantries in Pennsylvania. Last year over 2,000 deer had been donated

New Jersey Community Awarded Grant For Low-Income Housing
Commercial and Maurice River Townships were awarded a $300,000 grant block grant for their rehabilitation low-income housing programs. The funds are for low-income homeowners so they can make home repairs

New Jersey State Supported Emergency Shelters Will Close This Week
Because storm evacuees numbers are dwindling the state plans to close the shelters. At one during the crisis the 127 emergency shelters housed more than 7,000 people

New Jersey Supreme Court Hears Low-Income Housing Case
A case that could change the future of low-income and affordable housing was battled in court yesterday for seven hours. Lower-income advocates clashed with attorneys for the Christie administration and mayors. The administration would like to change the law

New Legislation For Strengthening Affordable Housing
The Common Sense Housing Investment Act (H.R. 6677) proposes to change the mortgage interest deduction into a 20% flat rate. This bill would also increase funding for public housing and HUD's Section 8 program

New Legislation Proposed To Guarantee Selected Food Pantries Will Receive Kosher Food
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Joe Crowley, both of New York have introduced the legislation to be included Federal Emergency Food Assistance Program. Currently, kosher meals aren't monitored to ensure the food ends up in a kosher pantry or for certain communities

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