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New Low-Income Housing Apartment Project In Ventura, CA
The sixty unit complex opened in August. Thirty units are reserved for farm working families. Twenty-nine unit are other residents who qualify as low-income

New Low-Income Housing Coming To Palo Alto
The city council approved a $5.8 million loan to Palo Alto Housing Corporation to build a senior housing complex. When completed the community will have sixty low-income units for low-income senior citizens

New Low-Income Housing For Philadelphia Area
North Broad Street corridor revival got a boost on Tuesday when the official launch for a 55-unit rental ($16 million) housing development was announced. JBJ Soul Homes will meet the needs of low-income families, as well as individuals seeking to escape homelessness

New Low-Income Housing Project For Brooklyn, NY
The Atlantic Yards housing project is expected to be completed in June of 2014. The residential building will be thirty-two stories. Nearly half of 363 units will be for residents that have low to middle incomes

New Low-Income Senior Housing In Maryland
In Fullerton, on Fitch Avenue, there will be a new low-income housing complex that will house up to 180 senior families and individuals. The first building, named Village Crossroads I, should be finished by next May or June

New Movie About Homeless Children In America
The director, Rotimi Rainwater, of the new movie called "Sugar" says the film takes a hard look at youth in America who are homeless. The movie is based on the director's own personal experiences.

New Plan To Help Maine's Homeless
Portland's Health and Human Services Department has a new recommendation to develop a specialized team to interview individuals staying in shelters and to help them find housing. They will also offer other supportive services.

New Record For Homeless Students - Over 1 Million
The one million mark means there has been a 57 percent since 2007. The United States Department of Education reported there were 1,065,794 children who were homeless. Many of these homeless students were living in homeless shelters, cheap motels, abandoned homes, and even hospitals

New Senior Housing In Indiana
Jacob's Village expanded their neighborhood and now offers new low-income housing options. They have 12 apartments that are available for seniors who have low incomes and for individuals that have disabilities. The apartments have been designed for low maintenance and accessibility.

New Shelter Planned For Bennington
The Bennington Coalition for the Homeless wants to open a permanent emergency shelter on North Street. There is a need for the new shelter because their other shelter only accommodates 54 people. They hope to be able to open the shelter next month.

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