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Poverty Statistics in America

Poverty is definitely an important, as well as, emotional concern. In 2002, the Census Bureau issued its yearly report about poverty statistics in America indicating there had been almost 35 million poor individuals residing in poverty in 2001.

To comprehend poverty statistics in the USA, you will need to examine these figures to consider the specific living situations of the those individuals that the federal government classifies as poor. For many Americans, the term "poverty" indicates destitution: an incapability to supply a household with healthy food, reasonable shelter and clothing.

Yet, only a few of the 35 million persons categorized as "poor" in fact match that description. Despite the fact that authentic hardship absolutely does take place, it's minimal in severity and extent. The majority of America's "poor" reside in conditions that might be evaluated as well-off or comfortable just a couple decades ago.

Currently, the expenses for each individual from the lowest income, 1/5 of families equal the ones from the median American family in the early seventies, when adjusting for the figures for inflation.

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