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Feeding The Homeless – Ways To Help

Unfortunately, many more people are becoming homeless in America. Homelessness has been on the increase since 2007, and along with homelessness, is hunger in America. Many homeless people go hungry everyday and they need help from those who are more fortunate. Even people who are not homeless go hungry everyday in the United States. Food banks and soup kitchens need donations everyday, whether it be a financial one, food or just volunteering some of your time to help out.

Donate Food To Your Local Food Bank

Non-perishable foods are always welcomed at food banks. It is easy to check online to find your local food bank. If there isn't one in your immediate area, then check with some of the churches in your area to see if they accept food donations that they could use for feeding the homeless.

Donating Food At Your Local Grocery Store

Pick up a extra can of soup or canned green beans the next time you go grocery shopping. Many grocery stores have a drop off bin where you able to donate canned food or other non perishable foods. Some stores even have food donation cards that you can buy at the check out stand. Don't forget to use your coupons to help cover the costs of your food donation. Every little donation counts when it comes to feeding the homeless.

Spare Change Around The House

If you keep a jar that you put all your coin change in, then you could donate all of it to the food charity of your choice. This is a great way to save all year long and make that big donation during the holidays or any time of the year.

Fast Food Places

Many of these types of restaurants have a donation jar that help feed the homeless. Just drop in your change which is easy and convenient thing to do.

Check With Your Bank.

Many banks have donations for feeding the homeless. Some credit card companies do the same too. Investigate online which ones give to charities that help feed the homeless.

No Spare Cash? Then Donate Your Time

Get involved with a local charity that serves meals to the homeless. These types of charities always need volunteers for serving food and cleanup. And if you like to cook, they may really need your services.

Tell Your Family and Friends

Let your family and friends know how you helped to feed the homeless. The more people who get involved and assist in feeding the homeless the better it will be for everyone.

Start Your Own Food Bank Or Meal Service

Starting your own charity to feed the homeless can be very rewarding. If you happen to be retired and have the time and energy for this type of project, it truly is a wonderful way to give back to the community. Of course, there are laws and regulations regarding this type of charity, but many people do start their own charities and are very successful at it. You just need the dedication to get started and not that much money.

What Not To Donate

It is best not to give money directly to the homeless. Many homeless people have substance abuse problems and money sometimes can exacerbate their condition. Instead, you could buy gift cards for local fast food restaurants or for grocery stores.

As you can see, there are many ways to help when it comes to feeding the homeless and many are so very easy to do.

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